X12 gets its value from two main factors: resources invested in it and demand. We actively work on increasing those two factors to sustain reliable cryptocurrency for X12 users.

Invested resources in case of X12 are Mining computers and Energy which is used to mine X12. We are actively working on involving more people to mine X12 instead of other cryptocurrencies.

Demand in case of X12 depends on its integration in different systems in such way that people who own X12 can use it to buy goods and services without having to convert them to Euros, Dollars or other traditional currencies.

We are working on X12 Payment system and X12 Online Wallet which will allow X12 owners to manage and spend their coins easily.

Currently, cryptocurrencies are hard to understand for non-technical people thus they are afraid of investing, owning or using them.

We are working on usability of X12 to be accessible to the wide contingent of people and make it as simple as it can be.