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You can purchase X12 on many different crypto-currency-markets online?

Which ones? please name them, I have searched the internet and not found one.

Cointed deactivated the purchase of x12 coins, why?

How come the price is fluctuating when nobody can buy or sell coins?



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x12 trading on cointed is discontinued according to their actual newsletter (29.10.2017)

seems that there are no exchages for x12 right now.

But it didn't  take long as there is a new exchange now for X12!
Really glad to see this. It looks very simplified but as long payouts work it's fine for me.

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Dominik, please share your info on the new exchange you have found, also elaborate how your payouts are working.



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Hi, Bob.
The site is called and looks like some newcomer exchange which just started.
But it worked to sell X12 coins to them. You just have to register and upload a picture of your passport and a bill to proof your address. Then you can make an order to regular shown X12 price. They send you an email with their x12 address. After transferring the coins to them, I received the money to my registered bank account.


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I sell X12 Coins for a good price.
If sombody want buy E-Mail me: marcs3586(AT)

Greetings Marc


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If somebody want mining x12coin. (GPU&CPU)

Here you can: Fee 4%

Mining is Possible with every common cryptonight miner.

regards, Marc


If anyone wants the x12 coin mine here you can do it: | GPU & CPU | 0.5% Fee



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