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x12 wallet sync

Hi guys,

i have a problem with my x12 wallet. Sometimes when i start the wallet, synchronizing for days and nothing happening, the blocks remains the same number, but on the daemon  window the message says it is synced. when i restart the software, says connected, but when i click to rescan wallet, again shows x amount of block remains and doesn`t want to finish the block sync. Anyone had the same problem? Please see picture attached


(131 KB)

There seems to be a continual problem with the wallet.

My question is - given I have bought coins on Cointed, where have the coins gone and if they are lost due to failings in the wallet, who is financially responsible / liable.

None of the three tickets put with X12 support have been answered at all - let alone within 24 hours.  It seems far from satisfactory.

update, my problem is solved. I just made a new wallet, and the rescan is going through without any problem

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